E-waste is a biggest environmental problem which includes old computer, TV’s, printers, phones that are not in use anymore or have came to an end to its useful life.

Want to Manage E-waste?

Do you have old electronic items – monitors, CPU, keyboards, cell phones and batteries etc which you have no use for and they are just sitting in your room, study, in your garage or even the shed?

What if we told you that you could recycle your old batteries by bringing them back to life and use them (depending on what type of batteries they are) to power your car, computer, laptop and even solar panels!

E-cycling for Electronics

The term used for recycling electronics is E-cycling, which allows recyclable items to be reused instead of being dumped to protect environment from its harmful chemicals. The most common recyclable items are computers, printers, televisions, phone batteries, camera, household batteries, car batteries etc.


Note: Remove any personal information from your old computers before E-Cycling for security.

Why recycle when you can bring your old batteries back to life?

You will have to consider it carefully as there are many serious consequences by dumping your car battery into the garbage. The battery contains chemically harmful substances which can pollute the environment. Instead, there are many auto supply stores which will re-use old car batteries to make new ones.

There is also the household batteries which are made of nickel-cadmium, alkaline, and mercury and is considered unsafe and is recycled by many environmentally-friendly companies.

Learn how to recondition your old batteries and save hundreds of $$ dollars

Various Alternatives For E-cycling

If an electronic product is in working condition then dispose it in an environmentally friendly way. Check out the tips below :

Donation: If an item is working, you can donate them to school, church, charity which is much useful to them. Also you can place ads online to give away to the needy.

Selling: Selling them on sites like Trademe or retailers who are likely to buy your old computer and recondition them for people who are interested in older items. Not everyone is able to afford to buy a brand new product.

E-Cycling dropoff: There are some recycling centers which recycle e-waste for you. Drop your e-waste there.

Make a living by bringing dead batteries back to life: Learn how you can make a living by reconditioning old batteries and selling them for a good profit.

Follow the steps to make our environment and our lives a greener and cleaner place to live in and we believe Mother Earth will be a much happier place.

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