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I’m sure you would have taken some resolutions for the year, about living and eating better and being more conscious of our environmental impact. Is this year going to be different or will it be the same as last year?

We believe that there will be a significant difference if our focus is more on going green as a process than focusing on individual acts when it comes to our health and well being.

Having said that, here are some question to ask yourself and some ideas to consider and start working on, for those green-minded resolutions to take effect in time.


Are you free of Chemicals?


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Shampoos, moisturizers, processed foods, cleansers, insect repellents that you use daily comes with very harmful chemicals. These chemicals can be absorbed into our bodies, which over time can cause serious health problems, since our skin is porous.

You can see a significant change once you switch from these chemical-based items toeco-friendly and organic brands.

You can always buy the natural laundry wash at the supermarket but they can be pricey in the long run. Our Ecoshop Laundry Egg is a great alternative to the conventional Laundry cleaner because it is long lasting and can save you some bucks as well.


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Use your Utilities in an Effective Way

Simply the utility usage for water, Electricity, or gas has drains your money.


Row of light bulbs

Row of light bulbs


Your solution for this lies in the fact that you will be able to save some bucks if you are able to eliminate unnecessary wastes such as leaving the faucet running, forgetting to shut the light when walking out of room.

These waste not only impacts you, but the environment as well. We can attain better efficiency by thinking green and by being more vigilant about how our utilities are used.


Think Before Consuming!

Before consuming a lot of diet let me know that with those you are also consuming pesticides. Going greener can actually improve your health condition thereby decreasing the amount that you spend on your Medical expenses.


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Do some research for food companies and farms which are more eco-friendly. In that way, you would have done your part for keeping the environment greener by buying local whenever possible, considering the carbon footprint of delivery trucks.


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