Take in your own kitchen to make your meals more environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon prints.


Have food free of Chemicals in Your Diet!


Check for organic foods which are not grown with the use of the Chemical fertilizers and Pesticides and reduce your family’s exposure to them.

The majority of products that you eat, travels thousands of miles on average before it gets to you. You can help reduce the carbon footprints by reducing the amount of energy used to ship products from faraway places, by buying foods which are grown locally which are more nutritious.


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Carry your own bags from home to super market or to a grocery shop so that you don’t have to waste plastic or paper grocery bags. Look for items that are packaged in products that can be reused or recycled, such as egg cartons made of environmentally-friendly paper, not foam.


Here are some tips to reduce the energy used:
  • Keep your refrigerator closed, turn off the stove and oven, and unplug small appliances like toasters or coffeemakers when you’re not using them.
  • Consider replacing the older, less energy-efficient appliances with Energy Star models, which results in the reduced amounts of greenhouse gases.


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  • Microwave uses less energy. Use that instead of the oven to cook or warm up meals when possible
  • Look for used items at garage sales or thrift stores to search for items that are made out of environmentally-friendly, recycled materials, when you are planning to purchasing pots, pans, and utensils.
  • If possible, keep a compost pile in your yard and put your (non-meat) food scraps into it instead of the garbage can. The resulting organic compost can be used to naturally nourish your lawn and garden.


Dine green under the candlelight!


Try setting up the table with cloth napkins, real dishes and silverware to space it out properly.
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Reduce the Electricity consumption by turning off the lights and dine under candlelight which can help you set your mood. You can even try out organic beeswax, soy candles or other natural materials to avoid any health hazard. Also, avoid switching on the dishwasher until it is completely filled.

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