Since I’ve started using cloth nappies, I’ve never felt so good in saving all that money, making a difference for the environment, cutting down my waste and it has saved me from buying nappy creams too because my baby’s bottom has hardly any rash now since switching to cloth nappies. I have also really enjoyed using the different designs, colours and patterns each day and I just loved how the cloth nappies are so soft and kind to his skin. So modern cloth nappies tick each and every of my boxes.

Why did I decide to use cloth nappies in the first place?

Well I simply wanted to save money and to lead a more sustainable life. I was sick of the amount of rubbish being thrown out and if I could somehow reuse my household products, I would. I even started buying natural facial skin products for me and for my family. I’m not yet perfect but am slowly working my way through my household items. I am experimenting with different homemade cleaning recipes for the home – multipurpose cleaner (to clean bench tops, table, chairs, toilet and bathroom). My next item on the list is to switch to natural liquid dish soap.

Okay back to cloth nappies.

Did you know that if every parent in NZ used just 1 cloth nappy on their baby per day we could prevent 1 Million nappies from going to landfill per week?*Source Zero waste They are also far better for your pocket. It is possible to save around $4000 per child just by using cloth nappies! — The Nappy Lady aka Kate Mead


The Nappy Lady and a team of passionate mums also run Cloth Nappy Week every year which is a highly anticipated annual week long event.  For more information click here.

I’ve attended the Nappy Lady workshop and she has opened my eyes to a lot of things. The number of ways you could go green, to reuse and save and cut down on waste. She also gave her recommendation on which cloth nappies are great to use. There are just so many out there it is mind boggling. Go to her website if you need any advice. She’s really awesome.


Here’s a breakdown of what it cost to use Cloth Nappies vs Disposables (taken from The Nappy Lady’s website):

Nappy Cost Comparisons – per child

This costing below is based on a child in nappies from birth to 2.5 years.


Disposable Nappies – Cost per baby

5475 Disposable Nappies @ $0.70c each- going by Zero Wastes nappy changes of 6 per day = $ 3832.5
3 wipes per change @ $.04c each = $ 720.00
130 rubbish bags @ $2.25 each (1 per week) = $ 292.50
Basic Cost of Using Disposables: = $ 4845.00
Optional Extras:
Nappy Wrapper = $ 59.00
To wrap up every nappy @ $0.9c each = $ 492.75
Disposable Composting @ 1 bag per week @ $6.91ea = $ 899.00
Cost of using Disposables with extras: = $ 6295.75

Cloth Nappies – Cost per baby

20 Cloth Nappies @ One Size @ $30each = $ 600.00
40 Cloth Wipes @ $1.00 each = $ 40.00
912 washes on cold @ $0.05c per load (1 load per day) = $ 45.60
912 washes Earthwise liquid @ $0.27c per wash (full load) = $ 246.24
912 Washes – Wear & Tear on Washing Machine @ $0.39c per load = $ 355.68
912 Washes – Water cost and waste water disposal @ $0.18c per load = $ 165.25
Basic Cost of using Cloth Nappies = $ 1452.77
Optional Extras:
912 washes on Hot @ $0.47c per load – the cost of cold washes above = $ 383.04
1400 Flushable Liners @ $0.9c per liner (in 25% of changes) = $ 126.00
Drier once a week @ $0.63c per load = $ 81.90
Cost of using Cloth with extras: = $ 2043.71

See how much you save by switching? I wished I’ve done it sooner with my eldest boy.

Anyway let me just end this post with a funny picture. This is what happens when you leave the baby for a couple of seconds with your eldest son:



Baby is all good and was even amused. The only harm done is my poor nappies and my lounge being all messed up.

Enjoy your week!

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