Natural Beauty is always good, isn’t it?

Do you think that all natural beauty ingredients are always good? Well, top skin experts have discovered some natural ingredients which are proven to be even more effective. Below are some of them:

Beta Carotene:

Beta Carotene is an essential ingredient to prevent sunburn and other skin disorders. It is also very useful in healing wounds. They are a group of red, orange and yellow pigments called carotenoids which contains antioxidants which are beneficial for your skin. It contains approximately 50% of the vitamin A needed. Tropical Beta Carotene has antioxidants that improve discoloration due to melasma.

Beta Carotene

Green Tea Extract:

Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages around. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which improve brain function, fat loss and lowers the risk of cancer. The green tea extracts has great anti-inflammatory properties that prevent and reverses UV damage to the skin which soothes your skin and keeps it hydrated. Green tea apparently also helps in reducing wrinkles and the signs of ageing.

Green Tea Extract


Licorice is one of the flavouring agents in foods and beverages. Its extract is very helpful in lightening the dark circles as it is the one of the best ingredient which can treat redness and rosacea as well. It also relieves you from pain and stress to make you look active throughout the day.



You would probably have thought of oats as a breakfast meal, but think again. Its antioxidants have powerful and impressive benefits apart from just being a breakfast meal. It can be used as a cream moisturizer and an anti-aging product to prevent dry and irritated skin. Oats contain antioxidants which are able to soothe skin disorders such as itchy skin and psoriasis.



Looking for natural ways to produce healthy and glowing skin? Then soy is another amazing ingredient you should keep in mind. Soy works to reduce blotchiness and discoloration by evening out the appearance of pigments within the skin’s surface. It is naturally rich in vitamin E, fatty acids of which can help to moisturize the collagen below the skin’s surface. Lecithin in soy also helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin by smoothing out fine lines to prevent premature aging.


Vitamin C:

In any form, Vitamin C provides potent antioxidant protection, shielding skin from damaging those molecules that promotes premature ageing. Vitamin C aids in reducing the appearance of brown spots and other types of sun damage.

Vitamin C

Willow Herb:

Just another natural ingredient, Willow Herb is a fascinating plant which acts as a natural analgesic to soothe skin discomfort. Willow Herb’s tangible applications include minor burns, skin rashes, ulcers and many more. It also acts as a natural antiseptic.

Willow Herb

Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel, a type of plant also called as Winterbloom, is capable of naturally reducing acne, blisters, insect bites, poison ivy, inflammation and much more. Since Witch Hazel is known for its strong antioxidant and astringent properties, it is perfect for killing bacteria that lives within skin’s pores. Witch Hazel can also be used on sores, bruises and swelling which is why it is used as an ingredient in aftershaves. Many other applications include:

  • Irritated scalp
  • Sun damage and melanoma
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Allergic reactions
  • Ingrown hairs

Witch Hazel

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