Are You Aware That You Can Save Money By Going Green?


Many people have a wrong perception that going green is by investing in expensive solar panels and recycling machine. But that is not always true.

Here are a few small ideas that will NOT cost you an arm or a leg and will help you save some money.


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs = Lower Electric Bills




Reduce your electricity bills sharply by using CFL or energy saving bulbs in your home. CFL bulbs are not only energy efficient but also lasts longer than the traditional bulbs. The reason for the success of CFL bulbs is that it’s worth the money you spend on them as you need to replace them less often.


A Garden = Fewer Trips To The Grocery Store


Growing flowers are great, but are you aware that you can save money with a veggie garden in your backyard? That is because we are reducing the number of trips to the grocery store. Plus, eating homegrown veges are healthier for you as there are less chemicals in them.

It is also becoming a trend now to grow a garden in your home.


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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a large garden. Just use whatever space available in your backyard/frontyyard and just start growing your vegetables or fruits. This will definitely cut down your monthly grocery bill.

If you have a bigger garden then you have a chance to even sell your produce at the local farmer’s market. Do your research to check what grows best in your region before starting the plantation.

You can also get your children involve by helping you grow your garden. This will keep them busy and in the process, they will learn where do foods come from – which will be quite fascinating for them.


Buying A Hybrid Vehicle = Lower Auto Insurance Bills


If you are someone who travels a lot and owns a diesel car then you are prone to lose most of your savings!

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Purchasing a hybrid vehicle could reduce your cost of gas and this is completely environmentally friendly.


Skipping Bottled Water = More Money To Spend On Other Things


Everyone is health conscious especially when it comes to drinking water.

It may be laziness to drink tap water or just overly cautious about drinking it. Apparently it has become common for many in our community to use bottled water and are spending a large portion of their funds in buying bottled water from the supermarkets or shops which could be saved by just drinking tap water.




Try storing tap water in reusable bottles in the fridge and this move will certainly save you a lot of money.


Collecting Rainwater = Lower Water Bills


This could be a DIY project for your family. Try setting up storage tanks at vantage points around the house and on the roof. Water collected can be used for your garden and the houseplants. It can also be used to bathe the pets, if you have them in your home.


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This project is not only enjoyable, but also highly beneficial for you and your family. There could be many advantages to going green and perhaps the biggest one is to improve the financial health of your family; that is by cutting down on the home’s energy and grocery bills.

You can easily find more ways to collect rainwater if you spend not more than 10 minutes on the Internet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and will use at least one of them to start going green today.

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