Do you know that it is almost November already? Oh my, where did all that time go? It’s almost summer again and a couple of months more till the end of the year.

I’m sure it’s great to escape the dreaded winter and now come spring. That means warmer weather, lots of breeze (though can be pretty cold and chilling sometimes especially in Auckland) and lots of sun as well. What better time than to line dry your clothes outside now?

There are many benefits to this. I have 5 benefits in mind.




Five Benefits of Line Drying:

One: Kind to your pocket and the environment

Yes, that’s the most obvious one isn’t it? It is much cheaper because you’re using FREE sunlight to dry your clothes. I know some who do not like how ‘stiff’ the clothes get while drying outside. You can fix this by putting your clothes into the dryer for 5 minutes with our Dryer Eggs. The Dryer Eggs will not even soften your clothes but it will help lightly fragrant your clothes as they are infused with essential oils.


Two: It gets you moving

All that moving; clothes into basket and walking outside. Arms up. Arms down. Arms up. Arms down. Giving that good workout for your arms! Who needs dumb bells anyway?


Three: Gets you outside with your kids

Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids outside with you. My son loves playing outside and I will get him to help me hand and peg the clothes. Makes great bonding as well as instilling responsibility at a young age.


Four: It helps to whiten your whites

Is your whites getting dull? Line dry your whites or liners and the sun will brighten them up! The sun also does a great job removing stains especially poop stains on your cloth nappies. So no bleach required.


Five: Clothing lasts longer

Oh yes, it’s true. Do you notice all the lint in the dryer vent? Do you have that on the clothes line? Line drying is more gentle on your clothing, making it last longer. Another frugal laundry benefit. Yay!

So get outside now and dry your clothes to enjoy the sun and these five benefits.

Do you have more to add to this list?

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